If Your Business is Earning LESS Than $10M a Year You’re Operating Without a SYSTEM!

If Your Business is Earning
LESS Than $10M a Year…
You’re Operating Without a SYSTEM!

Why 9-Figure Entrepreneurs Use This Proven NEW System to Scale Their Business, Work LESS, and Get More Done… in Just 90 Days!

Hundreds of entrepreneurs use THIS new system to scale their business and cut down the hours they spend working to enjoy more time freedom!

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Do you feel STUCK in your business?

If that’s you, I can almost guarantee that your business is running without a real system in place…

You see, 95% of entrepreneurs don’t have a system that allows them to consistently perform at a high level. 

Look, if you want to take your business from 6 to 7-figures, and 7 to 8-figures, you need to master the fundamentals. 

That’s it…

There’s no crazy ‘ninja trick’ to it (contrary to what most gurus will tell you).

Coaching Matters is a 12 week, transformative interactive training system designed for entrepreneurs that want to take their business and their life to the next level.

We focus on four fundamental principles of business & life:

• Organizational skills & time management

• Mental performance & Mindset

• Sales training

• Entrepreneurial finance

This your proven, strategic guide to mastering the fundamentals of business that will allow you to…

✔Scale your business and generate more revenue by mastering entrepreneurial finance

✔Develop a POWERFUL mindset to increase your confidence, performance, and self-belief

✔Work LESS while getting MORE done 

✔Develop a routine and habits that will skyrocket your performance and productivity

✔Achieve time freedom so that YOU (not your business) can be in charge of your life

Not just that, but…

You’ll also get access to our 30-day fitness program along with a personalized diet designed specifically for YOU. 

Health is one thing you don’t want to ignore, trust me…

(Don’t worry, you won’t have to devote hours to some intense, crazy workouts either)

Get access to the exact SYSTEM our students have used to turn their business into a money-making machine

(without having to babysit their business!)

Before releasing Coaching Matters to the public, we’re giving a handful of lucky entrepreneurs a special pre-launch offer at an INSANE discount…

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Meet Your Partner in Success

Mike Bahun

Baseball coach at the ohio state university, Founder of Coaching Matters, CEO & Founder of Fundraising U

Mike is a 20 year veteran of Fundraising and has helped lead Fundraising University to raise $200 million in schools. Fundraising University also became a franchise system in 2020 and has earned top ranks in Entrepreneur Magazine. Mike has an MBA from Bellevue University and is a certified trainer in Ownership Mindset and Mental Sports Performance. He has also completed the Wealth Factory - a doctorate level course on entrepreneurship and finance.

In 2019, Mike's baseball journey reached a pinnacle as he was honored with induction into the esteemed Omaha Metro Hall of Fame. This prestigious recognition stands as a testament to his unparalleled dedication, skill, and contributions to the sport. Throughout his remarkable career, both on and off the field, Mike has consistently showcased a rare blend of athletic prowess and unwavering professionalism. His commitment to excellence has not only earned him widespread acclaim but has also left a solid mark on the baseball community. Beyond his playing days, Mike has transitioned seamlessly into a leadership role as a baseball coach at Ohio State University. In this capacity, he imparts his wealth of knowledge and experience to the next generation of aspiring athletes, shaping them into not only skilled players but also disciplined and resilient individuals both on and off the field.

What You’ll Learn inside Coaching Matters:

Master Entrepreneurial Finance: Dive into the essentials of entrepreneurial finance, including calculating your EBITDA, mastering financial management, and strategic scaling techniques for FAST growth. Learn how to propel your business to 7 and 8 figures, ensuring a robust revenue stream and financial health.

Transform Prospects into Profits With ELITE Sales Training: Close deals with confidence and take your sales game to new heights with advanced training techniques that turn prospects into loyal customers. Inside, you’ll learn effective communication, persuasive sales strategies, and the psychology behind successful sales, ensuring you can confidently close deals and significantly boost your business's revenue.

Skyrocket Your Confidence & Performance With an Elite Mindset: Guided by Brian Cain, one of the most highly sought-after mental performance coaches in the world, this module equips you with mental performance strategies that are proven to work in high-stakes environments. Boost your confidence, performance, and self-belief to achieve unparalleled success in business and life.

Develop Powerful Habits So That You Can Maximize Productivity: Develop daily routines and habits to skyrocket your performance and productivity. Coaching Matters also includes access to a 30-day fitness program and personalized diet plan, emphasizing the synergy between physical wellness and business efficiency!

Live on YOUR Terms & Take Control Of Your Time: Learn strategies to work smarter, not harder, allowing you to achieve more while dedicating less time to babysitting your business. With the newfound freedom to spend quality time with your family and pursue personal interests, your life will no longer revolve entirely around your business.

…And a LOT more!

Check Out Our Students’ Success Stories

"Mike Bahun is one of the hardest working people I’ve ever been around. His commitment, unselfish approach and his intellect make him a future star in anything and everything he does. If you just look at the success pattern, the people he’s been around and the growth in every area then Mike Bahun becomes a no-brainer to be considered for any role.”

Coach Bill Mosiello
Ohio State Baseball Head Coach

"Mike Bahun is one of, if not my top, mental performance coach in our entire system that works with hundreds of professional athletes across many sports. His ability to take the mental performance concept is grounded into his teaching and he has that ability to connect with kids and help them which is one of a kind in the country.

Specifically, what mental performance does is create a specific advantage that Mike would have over other college baseball coaches. Mental performance coaches know how to coach failure and our mental performance program gives the kids that perspective. It gives our coaches those tools and Mike would be an absolute master at that. He is one of the best unrecognized potential head coaches in the country. I’ve been able to work with programs like TCU, Texas A&M, Ole Miss, Vanderbilt, and Mike’s talent level is right up there with any of those programs mentioned."

Brian Cain
Best Selling Author and Mental Sports Perfomance Coach

"Mike has a presence and a drive to him that is completely unique even to the athletes that I get to work with at the major league baseball level. To me, Mike’s ability to have business acumen, the entrepreneurial success that he has, the mental game and then also to be someone who has played professional baseball -he’s coached at all levels, and even the lower levels have helped him be prepared to be a future head coach. Whether it’s understanding the relationships with parents or having relationships with high school coaches, Mike is an elite recruiter and the combination of his playing experience and the ability to build relationships would be very unique addition to any program."

Zach Sorensen
Mental Sports Performance Coach of the Atlanta Braves

"I’ve enjoyed getting to know Mike Bahun. I found immediately that he was a hardworking person that gets along really well with kids. He has a high baseball IQ but even has a higher IQ at the interpersonal part of managing relationships. He has a very strong administrative presence and is highly organized. In my mind, Mike is a five tool player in his ability to become a head coach: One: high baseball IQ. Two: very relational. Three: very good with administrative and operational tasks. Four: very good at managing a budget for a collegiate baseball programs and generating money. Five: has a large vision and would be great at hiring."

Alex Cherney
Head Baseball Coach at Scottsdale Community College

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  • Take Control Over Your Time AND Your Life

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