Coaching Matters is not just a business venture; it is the culmination of Mike’s passion for coaching and his belief in its profound impact on individuals and communities.

Born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska, Mike’s early exposure to high school sports ignited a passion that would shape his life’s work. From the mentorship and accountability instilled by his coaches to the competitive spirit fostered within team dynamics, Mike quickly realized the value of coaching in personal and professional development.


Strong relationship builder with athletes, faculty, parents and staff. Ambassador for school with core values of positive attitudes, sportsmanship, leadership and servant minded coaching.


Strong baseball “I.Q.” with 28 years experience in implementation of baseball systems to prepare, develop and measure teams and coaches on and off the field with a constant vision of overall development and ownership.


Synergy between the relationship between life, baseball, family friends and taking a “whole-life” attitude toward personal development of people and overall preparation for life.


  • Brian Cain Mental Sports Performance Certified 2020
  • The Wealth Factory School of Entrepreneurship 2018
  • Quma Learning, Ownership Spirit Certified, 2014
  • Bellevue University, MBA, 1997
  • Iowa Western Community College, Associates Degree, 1995

Coaching Experience


Iowa Western Community College – Assistant Baseball Coach

  • Responsible  for hitting, scouting, and recruiting
  • Of the 29 players I recruited, 27 went on to play division baseball or were drafted additionally, two players moved on to major league baseball.
  • Team also won 43 games in a row and won the regional title and played in the juco world series my final three years.


Creighton University – Asst. Baseball Coach Volunteer Assistant

  • Responsibilities included defense and base running.
  • Team led the nation in fielding percentage
  • Committed only two outfield and three middle infield errors in 58 games additionally, turned 71 double plays. The team improved from a record of 21-37 to 34-24 my first year.


Director of Player Development for Creighton University Baseball Program

  • Mental sports performance curriculum and seasonal execution
  • Assist head coach in practice planning and evaluation of team and individual player development
  • In-game note taking for the head coach to focus on key game metrics
  • Develop leadership programs for assistant coaches
  • On-campus recruiting
  • High school coaches relationships in Iowa, Nebraska, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, Wyoming, Nevada
  • Development of presentations and topics of all guest speaking for coach service camp organization with virtual and in-person execution


Zach Sorensen

Mental Sports Performance Coach of the Atlanta Braves

“Mike has a presence and a drive to him that is completely unique even to the athletes that I get to work with at the major league baseball level.
To me, Mike’s ability to have business acumen, the entrepreneurial success that he has, the mental game and then also to be someone who has played professional baseball – he’s coached at all levels, and even the lower levels have helped him be prepared to be a future head coach.
Whether it’s understanding the relationships with parents or having relationships with high school coaches, Mike is an elite recruiter and the combination of his playing experience and the ability to build relationships would be very unique addition to any program.”

Alex Cherney

Head Baseball Coach at Scottsdale Community College

“I’ve enjoyed getting to know Mike Bahun. I found immediately that he was a hard working person that gets along really well with kids. He has a high baseball IQ but even has a higher IQ at the interpersonal part of managing relationships. He has a very strong administrative presence and is highly organized. In my mind, Mike is a five tool player in his ability to become a head coach: One: high baseball IQ. Two: very relational. Three: very good with administrative and operational tasks. Four: very good at managing a budget for a collegiate baseball programs and generating money. Five: has a large vision and would be great at hiring.”

Brian Cain

Best Selling Author and Mental Sports Performance Coach

“Mike Bahun is one of, if not my top, mental performance coach in our entire system that works with hundreds of professional athletes across many sports. His ability to take the mental performance concept is grounded into his teaching and he has that ability to connect with kids and help them – which is one of a kind in the country.
Specifically, what mental performance does is create a specific advantage that Mike would have over other college baseball coaches. Mental performance coaches know how to coach failure and our mental performance program gives the kids that perspective. It gives our coaches those tools and Mike would be an absolute master at that. He is one of the best unrecognized potential head coaches in the country. I’ve been able to work with programs like TCU, Texas A&M, Ole Miss, Vanderbilt, and Mike’s talent level is right up there with any of those programs mentioned.”

Coach Bill Mosiello

Ohio State Baseball Head Coach

“Mike Bahun is one of the hardest working people I’ve ever been around. His commitment, unselfish approach and his intellect make him a future star in anything and everything he does.
If you just look at the success pattern, the people he’s been around and the growth in every area then Mike Bahun becomes a no-brainer to be considered for any role. He 1000% has my support.”

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